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Austin Underground is closed for 2022.

1st - Tyler Erickson

2nd - Branden LaCour

3rd - Juston Edwards

Oak City is closed for 2022. 

1st - Connor Carlson

2nd - Nico Aleman

3rd - Josh Johnson


SoFLOW Florida is closed for 2022

1st - Brandon LaCour

2nd - Josh Ledford

3rd - Jordan Hill

Mile High Trail Trails is closed for 2022

1st - Enrique Garcia

2nd - Riley Johnson

3rd - Gregory Ingram

Floatucky Trail Derby is closed for 2022

1st - Kyle Klausing

2nd - David Luhrsen

3rd - Nico Aleman

Floatlife Fest is closed for 2022

1st - Riley Johnson

2nd - Jeff Adair

3rd - Ryan Hupman

Wheel-O-Rama is closed for 2022

1st - Jeff Adair

2nd - Tom Smith

3rd - Joey Friday

Oregon Trailblazers is closed for 2022

1st - Jesse Cargil

2nd - Jackson Minsker

3rd - Lars Mintz

The Circuit North is closed for 2022

1st - Jahfari Silsley

2nd - Adonijah Silsley

3rd - Brenden "Floaty" Schurmeier


The Circuit South is closed for 2022

1st - Brenden "Floaty" Schurmeier

2nd - Travis Frerichs

3rd - Victor Joaquin

Salty Trails Racing League is closed for 2022

1st - Joey Martersteck

2nd - Matt Corbett

3rd - Tyler Richman

GLOW Circuit is closed for 2022

1st - Luke Austin

2nd - Ed Woolverton

3rd - Zak "Indiemoto" Gruber

Beasatwheel is closed for 2022

1st - Darren Cole

2nd - Frank Main

3rd - Josh Haley

Dallas Underground is closed for 2022

1st - Jeff Adair

2nd -Les Carrol

3rd - Branden LaCour

Floating Hi is closed for 2022

1st -Jahfari Silsley

2nd - Ado Silsley

3rd -John Kapono Carter

Think you are fast on a Onewheel?


The Underground is a free mobile phone based Onewheel racing competition race for trophies, prizes and bragging rights!


The 2022 Underground is made up fifteen "Circuits" across the United States. Each Circuit has a designated three month season is made up of multiple race "Trails" that are chosen by the Onewheel Community to represent their area. 

All you need is a phone and the free Ride Hermes app. Use the app or website to find a Underground trail and record your rides. Ride as much as you want, your fastest time will automatically be recorded to our live leaderboards listed in the app at the "Race On" webpage.


The faster you go, the more points you earn in that Circuit. The more trails you race, the more points you collect. It’s that simple! The top three riders from each Circuit will take home a Trail Rail trophy and invitation to the Underground Finals being held near Austin, Texas on April 1st, 2023!


Do you have what it takes to be crowned King or Queen?

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Powered by Ride Hermes!  The Onehweel tracking app developed for riders, by riders!

Find good trails and race agaist your friends

  • Community built Trail database across the globe with detailed information.

  • Easily accessible real time Underground leaderboards

  • Available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store

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