The Circuit - South Lake Tahoe, Ca.




Trail Description:

A fast one mile full of big banks that cut tightly between the trees. Many many riders consider Sierra Sidewinder as the best Onewheel trail. It’s not a technical trail, but you will need to be fast if you plan to make the leaderboard.

Course Info:

Start at the upper parking area on Fountain Place Rd, just past the bridge. Look for a fork and stay to the right. Go slightly uphill and across some rocks to the start gate.

The finish gate is at the bottom near the lower parking lot. Return on the paved fire road that parallels the trail.


Two attempts are possible with a XR depending on weight. Shuttling is possible allowing almost unlimited runs. Charge options include Holiday Market and Tahoe Aleworx. Both are only a few miles from the lower parking lot.


The trail can get busy so watch for uphill traffic and fast downhill traffic.

The trail doesn’t officially open until June depending on snow. The gate to the lower parking lot will be locked, but you can park at the lower gate and ride up when its locked.


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