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A Underground Circuit is a organized network of local trails raced online with the Ride Hermes app. Organizating a Circuit requires locating, setting and managing ten trails that meet the needs of your community. Other responsibilities can include obtaining sponsorship, awarding prizes or organizing live events.


Its stongly recommended that you have a close conection to the Onewheel Community and knowlege of local trails. A Ride Hermes App account is required to manage your trails and Messenger is required to communicate between Circuits.

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Session #1: April 1st – June 30th
Session #2: May 1st – July 31st
Session #3: June 1st - August 31st
Session #4 : July 1st - September 30th


Race Seasons are designated “Spring”, “Summer” or “Fall”. Each season is a maximum of three months long during the assigned dates. The appropriate season should be chosen based on weather and trail conditions in your area. A season can be extended by request, but this should only be considered if unexpected weather or trail conditions make it a necessity. All seasons must close by September 30th.


Choose a name that describes your area and community. Using “Underground” in your name can identify it is part of the “Collective” and the benefits that come with it.


Facebook, Instagram, Youtube... Connect and communicate with your community how you want. Recruit Trail Ambassadors that are familiar with the trails and willing to help if issues arise. This can include trail condition reports and relations with the trail community.


Choose your top ten trails and hit record. Use the recorded rides and make them a trail in the app

Adding Trails in Hermes


A Circuit Logo is required, Think of it as your “brand”. Recruit the local community to assist. Fiverr or similar sevices are helpful to find cheap freelance graphic designers.

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Trails can range from a half mile to two miles. Ask your Onewheel Community for trails suggestion or find new trails with apps like Trailforks, MTB Project or All Trails.

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Submit your Circuit through the Rider Hermes Circuit Organizer Portal. Applications must be completed no later than two weeks prior to start of season. Your Circuit will be added to Hermes app and Underground website after the application has been approved.

Submit a Circuit


There is no right or wrong way to manage a Circuit. Find sponsors, make jerseys, organize live events, make your Circuit yours!

Think you are fast on a Onewheel?


The Underground is a free mobile phone based Onewheel racing competition race for trophies, prizes and bragging rights!


The 2022 Underground is made up fifteen "Circuits" across the United States. Each Circuit has a designated three month season is made up of multiple race "Trails" that are chosen by the Onewheel Community to represent their area. 

All you need is a phone and the free Ride Hermes app. Use the app or website to find a Underground trail and record your rides. Ride as much as you want, your fastest time will automatically be recorded to our live leaderboards listed in the app at the "Race On" webpage.


The faster you go, the more points you earn in that Circuit. The more trails you race, the more points you collect. It’s that simple! The top three riders from each Circuit will take home a Trail Rail trophy and invitation to the Underground Finals being held near Austin, Texas on April 1st, 2023!


Do you have what it takes to be crowned King or Queen?

1. Trail distance over 0.5 miles and under 2.0 miles

2. Easily accessible

3. Easily navigated with one path. Always use the fastest route to avoid shortcuts

4. Downhill or flat terrain

5. Avoid busy trails

6. Charging access

7. Cell Service

8. Set start and finish gates in the open and on a straight.

Tight turns or cover from the sky can negatively affecting the GPS accuracy.

Adding Trails in Hermes
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Submit a Circuit
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