The Circuit - Santa Cruz, Ca.

Ganja Smuggling


Trail Description:

A intermediate to advanced .85 mile tight and flowing single track in the Redwoods. The root sections make this segment challenging. Riders comfortable with bonks and drops will excel here.

Race Course Info:

After parking at the Juvenile Hall, cross Graham Hill Rd. to the gate. Take the trail up about 100 yards and turn right at the first fork. Ride under the fallen tree to start this segment.


The trail can be difficult to follow, but is easily navigated after watching the video and scouting once. Stay left and follow the natural flow of the trail as a general rule. There are short sections with more than one path leading to the finish, the fastest route is your choice.


The finish gate is located under a overhanging tree just before a steep uphill climb. Return back the way you came or ride the trail through to Graham Hill Rd.



No plugs nearby. You can run this course three, maybe four times on a XR. There are a few charge friendly options five miles down on Mt Hermon Rd.

Additional info:

Free parking at the Santa Cruz Juvenile Hall. Watch for mountain bikers, a bell is recommended. Poison Oak is in the area and long sleeve shirt is suggested.


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