The Circuit - Monterey, Ca.

PR Shack Attack


Trail Description:

A intermediate one mile loop with a half mile fast flowing downhill single track through the trees. No room for error on this short track, but it’s easy to ride multiple times to dial in your best time. This race is won or lost in the trees.

Race Course Info:

The start gate is located on a unnamed trail below Alta Mesa. Follow the marking stake to a single track (Coyote Shit Trail) in the trees to the right. Make a hard right turn as you exit the trees and a second right back up Alta Mesa towards the finish line before the start gate.


You can run this route 7-8 times with a stock XR. The AAFES Gas Station has outdoor plugs. 4401 General Jim Moore Blvd.

Additional information:

Park in the residential area near Arloncourt Rd & Hatten Rd. to access Moore trail South East of the intersection. Then follow Alta Mesa trail up to the start gate. Electrics are prohibited at Fort Ord, but this segment is in a isolated area of the park. You shouldn’t encounter park rangers in this area. Watch for Poison Oak, it’s normally a cool trail so long sleeves shirt and pants are recommended.


ProRide is a boardsport company, their passion and experience from surfing waves and snowboarding the mountains combined with the love for Onewheel™ has brought them to become innovators creating the best products for our sport. Located in the beautiful Monterey Bay, they have the world's playground right in their backyard. Shack Attack is their testing track and it combines all the elements around to produce the most epic Onewheel racing you can ask for!