The Circuit - Las Vegas, Ca.

Let it Ride #3

 Trail Description:

Used as Let it Ride segment #3, but officially called Lower Lake View. A advanced 0.2 mile technical single track. The soft Vegas dirt and the rock sections make this a challenging course.

Race Course Info:

The Segment start line is at the seesaw above and to the right of the Bootleg trailhead parking lot. There are a two splits on this course, take the obvious path and stay right. The finish line is at the bottom of a steep hill to a flat dirt lot 


This course has a easy return up the road and can be done many times on a stock XR. No charge spots nearby. There are charge friendly locations nearby in Boulder City.


Additional Information:

Parking is free at the Bootleg Trail Head. The trail is hot during the summer so bring water. It’s best to do it early morning. 


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