The Circuit - Los Angeles, Ca.



Trail Description:

A 0.6 mile slightly downhill double track with a bunch of tabletops, banked turns, and rocks.

Race Course Info:

Park on the street near Kenter Trailhead and ride 0.4 miles on the pavement (stay to the right) until you get to The Whoops Trailhead (dirt trail on the left). From the trailhead, ride up 0.9 miles, (past the hangout bench) to the top of the hill where Whoops meets Lower Canyonback Trail. Turn around and bomb back down! The racetrack starts at the top near the cement wall and ends towards the bottom near the hangout bench.


It's possible to do multiple runs on a stock battery. Your legs might give out before your battery does.

Additional Info:

Google Maps calls it "The Whoops Trail" but Strava calls it "Canyon Back Trail". As the name suggests, there are a lot of "whoops" on this trail! One of the main things to watch out for is frequent mountain bikers and occasional hikers. Try to avoid nosedives going up the tabletops and tail drags coming down. There's a steep cliff on the right side, if you're gonna bail or shoot your board out be sure to aim for the left side. Stick to the main trail and avoid launching off any of the side mountain bike jumps. Rattlesnakes are a possibility.


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