The Circuit - Orange County, Ca.


​​Trail Description:

This 0.8 mile track features some fun downhill switchbacks, a steep bumpy hill, flowy sandy riverbed sections, multiple lines through a bike jumps area, and some rocky sections near the end.

Race Course Info:

From the parking area at Santa Margarita Water District, turn right (south) on Antonio Pkwy. Ride on the sidewalk a short distance to the Waterworks trail entrance which is marked by a sign. The starting point is shortly after the trail begins and the ending point is shortly before the trail meets the fire road. There is one fork immediately after the downhill and bridges that you need to go left at. After finishing the track go right on the fire road to get back to the street and shopping center.


The shopping center at Oso & Antonio Pkwy has multiple charge options. There are outdoor plugs near the closed Los Flores Car Wash. There is also a Starbucks and charge friendly fast food restaurants. A stock XR can run the track 3 to 5 times on a charge.

Additional info:

Parking is free at the Santa Margarita Water District building. After entering the parking lot turn left and park in the far corner away from the building, this is the designated trail use parking area.

The first section is a downhill switchback with some bumps and steep cliffs on the side of the trail. Watch out for merging mountain bikers at the bottom of the downhill after the bridges. Also watch out for bikers when you approach the jumps area because they might be coming back towards you. In addition to mountain bikers, watch out for mountain lions.


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