The Circuit - San Luis Obispo, Ca.

Hazards Peak



Trail Description:

A 1.8 mile intermediate / advance downhill single track with a taste of everything. Technical rock sections to fast flowing sand, you need to be a well rounded and take advantage of the fast sections to win. Don’t get over confident because this trail will suck you in.

Race Course Info:

To get to the Strava start gate, you will need to climb 600ft & 3 miles on Islay Creek Rd. to the switch backs of Canyon View Trail. This is a fun climb with some challenging areas. It is possible to ride all the way up with some practice.


The start gate is located below the sign at the top of Canyon View on Hazards Peak Trail. Take a rest and enjoy the view before bombing down to the finish line at the bottom.


It takes 50% XR battery to climb to the start line. From there it’s all regen baby! It maybe risky to try it twice on one charge, but possible for lighter riders.

Luckily there is a charge spot on the backside of the Spooner Ranch House down the street! Hit up Sylvester’s burger in Los Osos for a break. Great food, beer on tap and charge friendly.

Additional Info:

Free parking across from the Hazards Peak trail head. You will need to ride down the road 100 yards to access Islay Creek Rd.

Watch for Poison Oak, it’s normally a cool trail so long sleeves are recommended. This trail has a few steep drops on the trail’s edge and could be uncomfortable for some. This is a busy trail so you may want to grab a bell at the trail head and keep your eyes open for traffic.


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