Yield to traffic, uphill traffic & horses have Right of way

Be respectful, especially to Law Enforcement

Stay on trail and don’t ride when it’s wet

Don’t block the trail

Don’t litter and pack out trash

Know the trail and don't race during busy times of the day




We have worked with the community to find and share these awesome trails! Be an ambassador for Onewheel!


Although we are racing, the priority is to maintain and gain trails access. Traffic is part of racing on a open course and a factor for all of us. Consider riding busier trails on weekdays and during off peak hours.


Remember that the community is watching. We understand that some people are difficult to deal with. If you have a problem at one of the segments, please contact us so we can get in front of it. If there is an etiquette violation that comes to our attention without prior knowledge, the rider(s) could be disqualified for that day or banned permanently.

Stay off muddy trails and pick up after yourself. Please consider volunteering to help maintain, repair and support our local trails. The little things go a long way! We’ve found that positive interactions and showing up to support makes a big difference in gaining trust and respect from the trails community.