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Open Strava and select "Ice Skate" as your activity. Simply hit record and ride through the pre-recorded segments. Your time will be tracked. After your attempts, finish and save the ride. Your best time will be added to that Segment's event leaderboard.
Watch Strava for the most accurate standing on each segment.

Watch our website for overall standing in each Underground Circuit

Our system automatically updates standings every night using our point system.

Leaders in each Circuit can win prizes, trophies and a invitation to The Underground Finals





The use of any onewheel self-balancing electric Trailboard and any modification is acceptable. This includes any model including Pint, XR, GT, Magwheel or VESC. The Trailboard does not need to be a Onewheel, but it does need to be ridden like a skateboard. EUCs do not qualify. There are no board classes, race what you bring!


Time Validation:

The Underground understands concerns related to racing on a non supervised GPS based circuit. Race validation can be requested for any Strava time in question. Validation can be done through Strava, video evidence, witnesses and / or a re-race. POV video is not required, but highly recommended.

Strava Errors:

It’s the goal of the Underground to limit errors through proper design of the Segments. All race times will be validated through Strava, but some unexpected errors are unavoidable. Any race times that show a unfair advantage due to error will be removed.

Some Strava Segments do not record correctly for various unforeseen reasons. The organizers will monitor each segment for errors and reserve the right to adjust or remove any segment if it isn't recording properly. These adjustments can alter the standings and race times. Any adjustment shall be done prior to the halfway point in the season. 


It is the riders responsibility to know the course. Courses must be raced as designed and any deviation from the course or “gaming” the segment is not allowed. Any race times that don’t meet the course requirements, intentional or unintentional, will be removed.


Holding Times:

Withholding Strava race times as private goes against the spirit of racing against others. Any time held private, intentional or unintentional, will be removed.


Race Classes:

All riders will be racing together on the same courses. Pro status, equipment, weight and age can be considered during selection for prizes, trophys amd finals selection.



Although we are racing, our priority is to maintain trail access. Traffic is part of racing a open course and a factor for all. The community is watching. We understand that some people are difficult to deal with. If you have a problem while racing a segments, please contact admin so we can get ahead of it. 

If there is an etiquette violation that comes to our attention without prior knowledge, the rider(s) can be disqualified for that day or banned permanently.