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Download the Android or IOS Ride Hermes App. Set up a account and get familar with how  the Hermes works. Make sure your gender, age and weight is set correct for your proper race class. Hermes & The Underground is free
Connect to the Underground Community on Facebook & Instagram

Find information for nearby trails and Circuits on the Hermes app. 
Record your rides with Hermes. Race any Underground trail as many time as you want, your fastest time will record to the leaderboard. Times raced during the season will automatically calclate with the Underground pont system. 

Placement on each trail, determins points awarded. Only your fastest seven trails for each Circuit count towards overall standing 

Know the rules and how to get the most accuarcy out of your phone's GPS. Ride great trails, meet good people and win prize


Point System:

Only your top seven trails count towards overall ranking. This is based on placement and all trails below the top seven will remain uncounted unless plaement improves or other trail placement drops below the uncounted trail.

Points awarded per trail are as follows:

1st - 10.0      11th - 4.6      21st - 2.2        31st - 1.2       41st - 0.2

2nd -9.0        12th - 4.3      22nd - 2.1       32nd - 1.1      42nd - 0.1 & lower

3rd -8.0         13th - 4.0      23rd - 2.0       33rd - 1.0

4th -7.5         14th - 3.7      24th - 1.9       34th - 0.9

5th -7.0         15th - 3.4      25th - 1.8       35th - 0.8

6th -6.5         16th - 3.2      26th - 1.7       36th - 0.7

7th -6.1         17th - 3.0      27th - 1.6       37th - 0.6

8th -5.7         18th - 2.8      28th - 1.5       38th - 0.5

9th -5.3         19th - 2.6      29th - 1.4       39th - 0.4

10th -4.9       20th - 2.4      30th - 1.3       40th - 0.3

2023 Race Classes:

Pro Men, Pro Women, Amateur Men, Amateur Women, Junior Boys (13 & Under), Junior Girls (13 & Under), Over the Hill (50+) CLYDESDALE (+215lbs)



Any Onewheel self-balancing electric Trailboard and any modification is accepted. This includes any model including Pint, XR, GT, Magwheel or VESC. The Trailboard does not need to be a Onewheel, but it does need to be ridden like a skateboard. EUCs do not qualify. There are no board classes, race what you bring!


Time Validation:

The Underground understands concerns related to racing on a non supervised GPS based circuit. Race validation can be requested for any Hermes time in question. Validation can be done through Hermes, video evidence, witnesses and / or a re-race. POV video is not required, but recommended.

GPS Errors:

It’s the goal of the Underground to limit errors through proper design of the race trails, but some errors are unavoidable. Any race times that show a unfair advantage due to error will be removed.

Some trails do not record correctly for various reasons. The organizers will monitor each trail for errors and reserve the right to adjust or remove any trail if it isn't recording properly. These adjustments can alter standings and race times. Any adjustment shall be done prior to the halfway point in the season. 


It is the riders responsibility to know the course. Courses MUST be raced as designed and any deviation from the course or “gaming” the segment is not allowed. Any race times that don’t meet the course requirements, intentional or unintentional, will be removed.


Although we are racing, our priority is to maintain trail access. Traffic is part of racing a open course and a factor for all. The community is watching. If you have a problem while racing a trail, please contact admin so we can get ahead of it. If there is an etiquette violation that comes to our attention without prior knowledge, the rider(s) can be disqualified for that day or banned permanently.

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